• Transforming network inventory from a costly burden into a profitable asset.
    Transforming network inventory from a costly burden into a profitable asset.

    Industry-leading CSPs are mastering their entire inventory catalog with CROSS and unlocking new levels of efficiencies and network optimization.

    Learn how your network can do the same:

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  • Eliminate barriers dividing valuable inventory data.
    Eliminate barriers dividing valuable inventory data.

    Unlock operational efficiencies and financial insights with an end-to-end view of your network resources and services.

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  • Your data isn't perfect. It doesn't have to be.
    Your data isn't perfect. It doesn't have to be.

    CROSS not only works with your data of variable quality, but it can actually help you improve it.

    Here's how:

    Solution for TelecomsBenefits

CROSS is a next generation operational network inventory system

Solving the common pains of telecommunication providers.

Solution for TelecomsBenefits

A refreshing look at network inventory.

Instant Root Cause Analysis &
Service Impact Analysis

Identify the source of a network failure (such as a cut fiber) and all affected services in seconds.

Bridging OSS & BSS

Understand the profitability of network resources and services by connecting costs from the OSS network inventory with revenue from the BSS service inventory.

Variable Data Quality

Your data isn't perfect. It doesn't have to be. Work with varying degrees of data quality in its current state.

Pavel Wilham says: “By deploying UMS and CROSS we have shortened identifying a network outage from tens of minutes to minutes, and finding customers impacted by the outage from hours to minutes. That enabled us to significantly improve the quality of our services.”

Pavel Wilham | GTS

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Vaclav Dolinek says: “CROSS enabled us to control whether lease lines are still being used for paid services or whether they are still financially viable. We have been able to find unused or unprofitable circuits and save about 5% of annual Opex.”

Vaclav Dolinek | T-mobile Czech Republic

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Pavel Fiala says: ”CROSS allows us to store data with varying level of detail. It does not impact proper functioning of RCA, SIA, Opex assurance, Availability check or network visualization in a map. CROSS’ system for data quality management - Data Ranking - allows us to identify the data with inadequate quality and improve it as needed.”

Pavel Fiala | T-mobile Czech Republic

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Global Connect

What's new at CNI?

It goes without saying that implementing a transformative piece of software and making the customer happy after months of hard work is a great reason to celebrate.

We are pleased to announce that GlobalConnect became our new customer. GlobalConnect is Denmark's leading alternative provider of fibre network, data centres and cloud solutions.

We were selected among the TOP50 startups to present at Startup World Cup Summit 2017 in Prague.

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