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We eliminate barriers between data silos

Different data sources can easily be imported to CROSS, eliminating or connecting different silos and providing a single view of all your data. This consolidates data from legacy platforms and delivers unparalleled visibility and the full geographical footprint of your assets.

We unlock insights that create opportunities

CROSS helps you to perform SLA analysis, helping prioritize actions to match business needs. We give you valuable metrics and trend reporting, delivering insight into consumption and helping to optimize planning and creating new upselling opportunities.

We know your data isn’t perfect

Out of the box, CROSS will work with data of variable quality. We take imperfect data from different sources and put it to use right away, eliminating lengthy cleansing projects and accelerating ROI – and delivering immediate benefits, across your organization.


A single perspective of your network and assets

Traditional OSS models leave data fragmented, with multiple systems, scattered between different departments. This means key data may be inaccessible. Operators may not have a true, complete and easily-available picture of their assets, what they do and how they relate to each other. Accessing this data can be costly, time consuming and limit agility.

Obtain clarity with CROSS

CROSS provides clarity, giving a single, end-to-end perspective of your network and its assets - what they do and how they relate to each other. We cover all layers – logical, physical, virtual and service – with deep integration with other systems, consolidating key data. It means you can drive new business insights and enhance operational performance.

Diagram showing the single perspective of your network and assets

Align network OSS costs with BSS service revenue

By connecting OSS network costs with BSS service revenue, we allow our customers to understand the profitability of all of their resources and services. We provide this data instantly and aggregate it into reports, across millions of resources and the entire network.

Optimize operations to reduce costs

With CROSS, operators obtain a clear picture of costs, allowing them to optimize virtual, physical and logical resources, so that they can understand the impact of changes on customers. It helps them to plan network investments, scheduled maintenance and outages more efficiently and with minimal negative impact.

Diagram showing network OSS costs with BSS service revenue
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Our Company

CROSS Network Intelligence (CNI) helps operators to truly understand their network and service assets, reducing their costs and increasing operational efficiencies.

Our solutions allow them to visualize and understand their network by consolidating disparate data sources, cleanly and effectively – and in a way that can easily be maintained to ensure future accuracy as their networks develop and evolve.

Experienced leadership

We are a trusted team of experts, with deep network and OSS experience. We recognized the limits of traditional approaches and used our experience and insights to develop an innovative new approach that provides the spotlight you need to drive network transformation and enhanced service performance for your customers.

CNI is shaping the direction of the industry for the future. As a result, we are not only responsive to your needs, we’ll also help you adopt best practice and work with you to optimize solutions for your specific situation, so you can continue to evolve your network and meet the challenge of the digital transformation and beyond.


Proof of Concept

Consolidated inventory record includes functionality such as Root Cause Analysis and Service Impact Analysis.


Cross 1.0

CROSS 1.0 is developed and implemented at customers in Central and Eastern Europe.


CNI founded

CROSS Network Intelligence is founded.


Customer rollout

Implementation of CROSS begins at first major Tier-1 customers, O2 and T-Mobile.



Investors provide support to further enhance the product, grow the team and expand the company into new international territories.


Success continues

First customers in Western Europe are won, with CROSS being implemented and made live shortly after.


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    This document explores how CROSS and PNI complement one another and, as a result, realize benefits from the integration of Business Operational Intelligence with Physical Network Inventory Excellence.

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  • Mobile World Congress 2020

    24-27 February 2020

    Barcelona, Spain

    We're very excited to be attending Mobile World Congress again this year. If you are attending and would like to meet us then please get in touch using the form below.

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