• Enabling automation with active, integrated inventory
    Enabling automation with active, integrated inventory

    CROSS builds a single coherent data model of the network, converting fragmented inventory and network data into an integrated OSS platform that enables automation and accelerates time to sell, plan, build and fix.

  • Your data isn’t perfect. It doesn’t have to be.
    Your data isn’t perfect. It doesn’t have to be.

    CROSS works with data of variable quality in its existing state. However, it can also be used to vastly improve data quality by automatically identifying gaps and inconsistencies using data quality tagging rules.

  • Modernize and optimize the OSS lifecycle
    Modernize and optimize the OSS lifecycle

    Fully-aligned with the TM Forum eTOM framework, CROSS includes built-in modules to support the OSS lifecycle.

An end-to-end model of the entire network

Provide all teams, systems, and workflows with a single modern OSS to access and utilize inventory across network and service operations for boosted cost-cutting efficiencies.

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Convert static, fragmented inventory and network data from any source into a single coherent data model, delivering an end-to-end view of the entire network and its resources and services.


Seamlessly deploy, manage, and scale resources across the network with a suite of configurable web-based OSS modules, boosting efficiencies and unlocking OPEX-savings.


Enable automation with CROSS as a single point of interaction for OSS and BSS applications, using a REST-based Open API to create seamless workflows for order and service management.

What is CROSS?

CROSS builds a single network inventory, integrating data from any network system and the network itself. Surrounding this data with service tools and a library of probes, connectors and APIs allows for CROSS to improve data quality, reduce OPEX, and enable automation for improved operational efficiencies.

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Integration for a Single Pane of Glass

Consolidate multi-domain/vendor OSS into a single data model and link assets with services across the network stack – covering physical, logical, virtual, and service. Combine a geographic view with a topological model of all network layers.

Active, Accurate, Accessible

Bridge and integrate data across network and OSS/BSS domains using probes/connectors and REST-based Open APIs, covering - Network (self-discovery), OSS (NMS, EM, ...), BSS (Ordering, Billing, CRM, ...)

Enable automation with Open APIs

Integrate CROSS inventory with BSS workflow tools to enable automation with sales and faster service delivery. Resource availability and capacity management tools allow services to be designed and matched with the appropriate resources.

  • Trusted by major operators across the world
    CROSS enabled us to control whether lease lines are still being used for paid services or whether they are still financially viable. We have been able to find unused or unprofitable circuits and save about 5% of annual Opex.

    T-Mobile Czech Republic a.s.

  • Trusted by major operators across the world
    By deploying CROSS together with UMS we have shortened identifying a network outage from tens of minutes to minutes, and finding customers impacted by the outage from hours to minutes. That enabled us to significantly improve the quality of our services.


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