Effective network planning and evolution

CROSS includes additional modules to help plan and design your network, helping you to manage and monetize it more effectively. As you extend your portfolio, CROSS ensures all assets are captured, helping you to efficiently grow your customer base and deliver services more efficiently. It builds agility and operational performance, reducing costs and boosting your bottom line.



Import data from other inventory systems and create a consolidated record of all assets with Synchro, a data synchronization module. Probes are available for commonly used inventory systems, active components, and protocols.



Perform rapid Service Impact Analysis (SIA) and Root Cause Analysis (RCA) using the SIA module, which takes inputs from out-of-order services, filtered alarms, service port alarms (NMS), known network faults and more.



Insight provides an all-encompassing view of the network inventory by linking all physical and logical objects with services. The module allows users to seamlessly query the Resource and Service Inventory.



The Circuit module gives users an end-to-end view of network resources across Physical, Logical, and Virtual layers. These resources can be planned for and presented in three ways: a geographic, hierarchical, and schematic view.



Devices associated with Physical, Logical, and Virtual resources can be managed using the Locality module. Included in this is a detailed record of the equipment and all supporting technologies.



The Radio module extends the basic Node and Link functions to support radio technologies and radio frequency management. Both Point-to-Point (PTP) and Point-to-Multipoint (PTMP) connections are supported.

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