Operational Use Cases

The common data model used by CROSS means it provides a key resource for operational use cases and processes. Data can be shared and access automated, providing greater agility and accelerating problem resolution and assurance. The unified view of all data, service and resources enables optimized workflows.

Service Impact Analysis

Prepare for network disruptions and identify impacted services and customers

SIA capabilities allow you to closely manage SLAs and regulatory requirements and understand the business impact of any service issue. Prioritize repairs, schedule relevant customer notifications, and service updates so your customers stay informed.

Data Quality Assurance

Automatically rank data and identify gaps to improve data completeness and reliability

Data quality assurance features allow users to work with data of variable quality and improve its accuracy. Data is tagged and ranked to identify where gaps can be corrected so that complete and reliable inventory is available to support users and workflows.

Root Cause Analysis

Correlate alarms with physical resources to troubleshoot network issues

RCA and fault identification provides instant insight into affected services and customers and the root cause of a physical failure. Alarms can be correlated by type, importance, and time, with full integration with external network management/monitoring systems.

  • Trusted by major operators across the world
    CROSS enabled us to control whether lease lines are still being used for paid services or whether they are still financially viable. We have been able to find unused or unprofitable circuits and save about 5% of annual Opex.

    T-Mobile Czech Republic a.s.

  • Trusted by major operators across the world
    By deploying CROSS together with UMS we have shortened identifying a network outage from tens of minutes to minutes, and finding customers impacted by the outage from hours to minutes. That enabled us to significantly improve the quality of our services.


Functional Use Cases

CROSS enables efficient service planning, deployment and management. It delivers rich business insights, including financial analysis and cost estimates, based on accurate inventory. The insights delivered enable operators, carriers and service providers to accelerate service deployment and provisioning.

Service Fulfillment

Automate and reduce the time required to design and deliver new services

Quickly design and deliver new services based on resource availability across different network technologies and virtual networks. Incorporate criteria such as virtual network routing, available capacity, technology types, and physical constraints defined by SLAs.

Revenue Assurance

Compare operational costs with service revenue to optimize profitability

Bridge operational costs of owned/leased resources with service revenue to deliver insights needed to optimize network costs and identify profitable/unprofitable service contracts. These insights support Revenue Assurance programs (aligned with eTOM), boost KPIs, protect against revenue leakage.

Capacity Management

Perform capacity analysis and availability checks to support wholesale requests

Track capacity consumption between the layers and easily query and report on areas which require expansion, or which are underutilized across all physical and logical layers. Check the availability of resources required for specific service demands, both current and future.

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