While much attention has, rightly, been focused on demonstrating and validating new 5G services, the time has come to explore how these can be commercialized – and, crucially, monetized.

As a result, there’s new research and activities centered on updating OSS and BSS systems, to take account of new service requirements, driven by the expanded ecosystem that is expected to consume them.

One major 5G initiative is ‘VINNI’ – 5G Verticals Innovation Infrastructure. You can read about this, here, but, in essence, 5G-VINNI is a consortium of stakeholders that is collaborating in the development and realization of new services for vertical industries that can be created from the capabilities of a full 5G Standalone core and associated infrastructure. Recently, the team has published an interesting new paper[1], which seeks to create priorities for OSS / BSS evolution to enable such services to be realized commercially – and to enable them to be paid for.