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Telecoms networks consist of assets (inventory) that support service delivery. These assets are scattered across the resource estate. This duplicates information, makes data retrieval complicated and, ultimately, creates significant inefficiencies, increasing costs.

So, in order to sell, operate and profit from services effectively telecommunications operators and service providers must understand the inventory from which they can be assembled and delivered. Without ready access to this information, they cannot function correctly or efficiently.

This briefing paper from CROSS Network Intelligence explores the solutions to data consolidation and provides a foundation for enabling effective automation in service activation, delivery and management.

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    CROSS works with standard data loaders, which means it’s easy to begin data consolidation. It can incorporate data of variable quality, eliminating the need for costly data cleansing projects. The data can be enhanced during operation, ensuring rapid ROI. CROSS is based on industry-standard database models and is fully browser-based, resulting in a low-cost infrastructure and rapid configuration and deployment.

    Start small, grow big

    CROSS can be implemented with a low-risk, methodical approach that can be run in parallel with existing systems. The gradual introduction into existing IT architectures avoids a big bang deployment risk and allows for full validation at each step. Existing data sources can remain as data masters during migration, ensuring that there are no abrupt changes. The result is true consolidation – reducing disparate OSS data sources into a single solution that will scale dynamically with your business.

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    This document explores how CROSS and PNI complement one another and, as a result, realize benefits from the integration of Business Operational Intelligence with Physical Network Inventory Excellence.

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