Our team has been working with telecom operators for many years, dealing with repeating issues in their solutions. Most of them use legacy inventory systems split between the GIS-based Physical Inventory, Logical and Service Inventory. That brings the following complications:

Implementations can be slow.
The implementations can be heavy and slow due to a reliance on data cleansing before going live and a heavy data model customization.
Operational performance can be slow.
Systems have rigid data models which are not designed to query up and down the technology stacks from virtualized networks to the supporting civil infrastructure.
The total cost of ownership can escalate.
Additionally required software and hardware, integration development due to lack of standard APIs and inflexible inventory network modelling can raise the total cost of ownership.
The lack of unified Physical, Logical and Service Inventory records means that certain key questions cannot be answered. This gets in the way of business process optimisation and automation.

Root Cause Analysis / Service Impact Analysis

Service Fulfillment across different networks

Opex Optimisation / Revenue Assurance

Regulatory Reporting / Asset Revenue Mapping

Virtual Network Model

Capacity Analysis / Availability Checks

CROSS is a next generation network inventory system. It has been designed to ensure:

  • Providing a consolidated view of your Physical, Logical and Service Inventory.
  • High performance, integrated operational inventory support with topology and layering of your networks at its core.
  • Providing key services, such as Root Cause Analysis or service routing, that can be used in other systems.
  • Based on standard database technologies and programming languages with no extra hidden costs.
  • Out-of-the-box configuration of inventory and transport technologies.
  • Standard data loaders designed to work with any quality of data. Start working immediately and improve the data as you work.
  • Flexible inventory modelling enabling agile, low cost implementations.
  • Service / Technology Catalogue support. Map all the network resources required for providing a service to your customer.

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