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Our team has been working with Internet Service Providers for many years, dealing with repeating issues in their solutions. Most of the ISPs split their inventory systems between the GIS based Physical Inventory, Logical and Service Inventory. That brings the following complications:

Implementations can be slow.
Due to a reliance on data cleansing before going live and heavy data model customization, the implementation can be heavy and slow.
Operational performance can be slow.
Systems have rigid data models which are not designed to query up and down the technology stacks from virtualized networks to the supporting civil infrastructure.
The total cost of ownership can escalate.
Additionally required software and hardware, integration development due to lack of standard APIs and inflexible inventory network modelling can raise the total cost of ownership.
Require a more integrated, low cost and scalable solution.

CROSS is a next generation operational network inventory system. It has been designed to ensure:

  • Consolidated view of your Physical, Logical, Virtual and Service Inventory.
  • Based on widely used database technologies and programming languages - no extra hidden costs.
  • Out of the box configuration of inventory and transport technologies.
  • Standard data loaders designed to work with any quality of data.
  • Root Cause Analysis.
  • Service Routing through configuration not customization.
  • Reduced time and costs of rolling out new solutions.
  • Short time to market for new services and network extensions.
  • Flexible inventory modelling and agile low cost implementations.

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