Connecting business support systems to your physical network inventory

The missing connection between business support systems (BSS) and physical network inventory (PNI) is a common problem for many telecom operators.

How can you list all customers affected by an outage?

Can you easily find the root cause of the problem?

Do you know which leased lines are still profitable?

These are just some of the questions you can answer by integrating the GE Smallworld PNI™ and CROSS. Extend the possibilities of your physical network inventory. Start supporting processes such as Root Cause Analysis, Service Impact Analysis or Revenue Assurance.

Service Impact Analysis

Service Impact Analysis

See all affected customers by a network outage. Proactively inform your VIPs.

Root Cause Analysis

Root Cause Analysis

Find the root cause of the outage within minutes. Not hours.

Opex Savings

Opex Savings

Verify whether revenue from a customer sufficiently covers all network operational costs.

CROSS brings you the complete view of all network layers by collecting the data from different sources. It collects the logical network data from network management systems and the physical network data from GE Smallworld PNI™.

Use always up-to-date information about your network and connect it to your business processes. CROSS integrates with your CRM, billing systems, trouble ticketing, data warehouses and more. This integration brings the possibility to list affected customers, find the root problem or discover OPEX savings.

How To Add Business Operational Intelligence To Physical Network Inventory

Download the free white paper to learn how you can extend your GE Smallworld PNI™ to support your business operational processes.

In this paper you will learn:

  • Why you should integrate your physical network inventory to your business systems.
  • How this integration helps to optimise your network costs.
  • How it can increase the quality of services for your customers.

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