Introduction of network inventory system

CROSS is a next generation network inventory product which provides an integrated and consolidated record of all owned and leased physical, logical and virtual network inventory assets and the services which run on them.


CROSS enables Telecoms operators to plan, document and integrate inventory services into their key financial, operational and assurance processes, including:

  • Root Cause Analysis / Service Impact Analysis
  • Service Fulfillment – Resource availability across different network technologies/virtual networks
  • Opex / Revenue Assurance – Utilization of leased lines, locations and wayleaves
  • Regulatory Reporting / Asset Revenue Mapping
  • Capacity Analysis / Availability Checks supporting wholesale requests
  • Virtual Network Model and sales over new technology

CROSS combines a geographical view of physical network assets with a fully connected topological model of all network layers.


Telecom operators can start working with CROSS quickly by synchronizing data from existing logical and physical inventory systems, including the self-discovery data from the network itself.

Its modern architecture ensures easy and cost-effective deployment and maintenance. Its open out-of-the-box APIs ensure quick integration with key enterprise systems.

In contrast to legacy systems, extending the data model or adding new network layers in CROSS is done through configuration not customization.

CROSS does not require any data cleansing or data augmentation before it goes into production. It works with existing inventory data as is.

CROSS is built using industry standard technologies. It is fully aligned with the eTOM model of TMForum.

CROSS supports planning and documentation of networks in hierarchy from buildings, routes and manholes, to the cables and equipment that are housed in them. This includes also the logical, virtual and application layers.

CROSS has been designed and built using modern standard technologies with some key guiding principles:

  • High performance – rapidly delivering the answers to complex questions e.g. root cause analysis
  • Easy to extend – quick and easy to modify the inventory data model and topological/hierarchical relationships
  • Open – using standard SOAP integration and pre-defined APIs
  • No hidden IT costs - Hardware, OS and Database Agnostic
  • Ease of Deployment – runs in the browser as a service
  • Quick start - Utilize existing Data Sources ‘As is’ , no upfront data cleanup required
  • Ease of Implementation – pre-configured installation
  • Comprehensive OOB functionality

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