What are the benefits of CROSS?

  • Work with your data in its existing "as-is" state.
  • Skip the common tedious data-cleansing step.
  • Identify gaps and inconsistencies in the data.
  • Improve upon your data directly in CROSS.

”CROSS allows us to store data with a varying level of detail. It does not impact proper functioning of RCA, SIA, Opex assurance, Availability check or network visualization in a map. Its system for data quality management - Data Ranking - allows us to identify the data with inadequate quality and improve it as needed.”

Pavel Fiala | T-Mobile

  • Within seconds, identify the root cause of hundred of alarms resulting from a network outage.
  • Assemble a list of all affected services and customers of planned and unplanned outages.
  • Integrate with external network monitoring systems.
  • Correlate alarms by time, type and importance.

“By deploying CROSS together with UMS we have shortened identifying a network outage from tens of minutes to minutes, and finding customers impacted by the outage from hours to minutes. That enabled us to significantly improve the quality of our services.”

Pavel Wilham | GTS

CROSS links different technology resources to services provided to a customer. It can easily verify whether revenue from a customer sufficiently covers all network operational costs and attains profitability.

“CROSS enabled us to control whether lease lines are still being used for paid services or whether they are still financially viable. We have been able to find unused or unprofitable circuits and save about 5% of annual Opex.”

Vaclav Dolinek | T-mobile Czech Republic

CROSS can visualize any data included in the data model which is essential for a number of processes, such as data editing and sales.

“When displaying data, I appreciate that CROSS can provide graphic representation of very accurate data as well as low quality generic data. The system acts consistently and I can be certain that there is no data missing. I don’t need to worry about – and assume responsibility for – the data integrity of other external systems. This simplifies and speeds up many processes, including visualization.”

Pavel Fiala | T-mobile Czech Republic

CROSS can regularly update your network inventory directly in the SAP. This allows you to perform asset inventory fast, reliably and without additional costs.

“The finance department keeps all information about network assets in SAP. However, it is mostly not up-to-date, because the changes in the network are entered into SAP incorrectly, or late, or not at all.”

Vaclav Dolinek | T-mobile Czech Republic

CROSS provides fast and fully automated responses to inquiries about service availability and calculates their costs using additional data sources.

“CROSS knows which addresses are covered by our network, which enables our eBonding service to run automatically. It generates offers for our partners within seconds, in response to their inquiries. This service represents a new, successful and fully scalable sales channel that does not require any additional opex as it grows.”

Pavel Fiala | T-mobile Czech Republic

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