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Rich visualization
across all layers

CROSS is a complete, next-generation network inventory solution, which provides an integrated, fully consolidated record of your network. It covers all owned and leased resources, including logical, physical, virtual and service assets. It provides a complete picture, showing you where they are and how they relate to each other.

Integrate inventory assets with business procedures

Fully aligned with the TM Forum’s eTOM model, CROSS allows telecoms operators and service providers to incorporate their inventory with key financial, operational, assurance and business processes. It provides key insights that enable you to rapidly provision services and understand resource utilization, plan network extension and evolution effectively, while supporting service and revenue assurance.

Diagram showing visualization across all layers

Rapidly deployed and completely scalable

CROSS works with existing data with no need for cleansing or augmentation before moving to live production if desired. This means it’s easy to deploy and benefits can be secured from the outset. New data can be imported easily and synchronized with existing inventory platforms, while self-discovery allows data to be captured directly from the network.

Maintain and correct quality and consistency

Extensions to the data model can easily be handled via configuration, reducing the cost and time of deployment, while accelerating time-to-market. This means you can easily grow your network and ensure that new inventory is included in CROSS. Integrated quality and consistency tools with unique tagging functionality allow data gaps and inconsistencies to be identified, enabling live prioritization and correction.

Diagram showing deployment and scalability

Integrate and automate BSS workflows

Diagram showing full integration with BSS workflow tools

CROSS offers full integration with BSS workflow tools. This allows complete automation with sales and faster customer delivery. Services can easily be designed and matched with the appropriate resources and then activated through orchestration aligned with the necessary assets from your inventory.

Ensure the accuracy of your service catalog

Understanding available resources is essential to the smooth delivery of services to your customers. By ensuring that the service catalog is aligned with network inventory, you can more efficiently manage orders and service provisioning to meet customer needs faster and with optimal use of resources.

A different approach to network inventory

  • Flexibility to adapt

    CROSS can be deployed in any environment and across complex, hybrid networks. They can be adapted for new interfaces, quickly and easily, and help ensure effective network transformation.

  • Continuous collaboration

    Our customers trust us to work closely with them, resulting in lasting partnerships. This flexibility eliminates the pain points and dependencies of traditional, legacy OSS systems.

  • Imperfect data

    Consolidation for transformation

    OSS consolidation is essential for effective transformation. CROSS consolidates OSS assets and ensures accurate inventory management, allowing you to successfully complete network transformation programs.

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Synchronize and coordinate inventory data

CROSS collects all relevant data from different sources in your network. It synchronizes logical data from Network Management Systems (NMS) and correlates this with physical network data from other systems, such as GE Smallworld PNI™. This creates a complete view that includes all of your assets.

Gain a 360 degree view of your assets

Assets can be identified, together with their associated dependencies and resources. This allows you to easily plan service and network migration and extension tasks, as every logical, physical, virtual and service asset can be viewed. This perspective enables rapid decision-making and efficient network optimization.

Diagram showing the single perspective of your network and assets

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