Thank you for your interest in CROSS

CROSS Network Intelligence (CNI) is a software company dedicated to providing innovative and disruptive solutions to the telecoms and utilities market.

The company started with implementing GE Smallworld products, and enhancing their functionality as required by the customers, such as enhancing the physical inventory system with Root Cause Analysis and Service Impact Analysis.

This effort led to building a unique data model designed to unify physical, logical and service inventories, enabling rapid analysis of the entire technology stack across hierarchies. The data model became the core of CROSS, a next-generation network inventory product.

The early adopters included telecom operator GTS, Benestra, and later on companies like O2 and T-Mobile, who have chosen CROSS as their main consolidation tool for unified inventory and operational support of ICT infrastructure.

In 2017, CNI raised financing from start-up accelerators Bolt, a PPF company, and UP21, allowing CNI to further develop CROSS into a full-fledged platform for Communication Service Providers (CSP) and expand the business footprint initially across Europe through strategic partners.

The company sales, marketing, and product strategy headquarters are in Cambridge, UK, and the partner and business development and product development in Prague and Ostrava in the Czech Republic.