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Our vision -
to shine a light on your network

To provide a solution that gives absolute clarity of network and inventory data to our operator customers, converting it to an integrated, profitable asset and delivering significant operational savings, while unlocking new insights and efficiencies.

Innovative. Responsive. Flexible.

Our customers trust us to deliver a quality solution in record time, with exceptional price performance. The flexibility we offer ensures consistent engagement and optimization to unique needs, while delivering benefits that make a profound positive difference to users, across different departments and the entire organization.

What we do

Our solutions allow you to visualize and understand your network by consolidating disparate data sources, cleanly and effectively – and in a way that can easily be maintained to ensure future accuracy as networks develop and evolve.

We understand what’s needed to transform OSS

Commonly, existing data sources are fragmented across different silos. They may contain imperfect or inaccurate data. As a result, answering key questions, such as “how much does this cost?”, “what’s the root cause of this issue?”, “where are these resources?” and “how profitable is this service?” cannot easily be answered. CROSS answers these questions.

Why we do it

The traditional OSS model is broken, with systems scattered between different departments and across different layers of the network stack with multiple inventory systems, spanning physical, virtual, logical and service assets. In addition to that, operators are also striving to transform their networks and migrating from physical to virtual infrastructure for service enablement and delivery.

Building a clear picture

Without a clear picture of their networks, services and assets, you cannot secure the benefits of network transformation or effectively understand and deliver to their customers. CROSS solves this problem, allowing you to capitalize on transformation efforts through deep understanding of your network and continuous operational performance improvement.

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    Transform your inventory. Get started with CROSS.

    CROSS works with standard data loaders, which means it’s easy to begin data consolidation. It can incorporate data of variable quality, eliminating the need for costly data cleansing projects. The data can be enhanced during operation, ensuring rapid ROI. CROSS is based on industry-standard database models and is fully browser-based, resulting in a low-cost infrastructure and rapid configuration and deployment.

    Start small, grow big

    CROSS can be implemented with a low-risk, methodical approach that can be run in parallel with existing systems. The gradual introduction into existing IT architectures avoids a big bang deployment risk and allows for full validation at each step. Existing data sources can remain as data masters during migration, ensuring that there are no abrupt changes. The result is true consolidation – reducing disparate OSS data sources into a single solution that will scale dynamically with your business.

News and events

  • Digital Transformation World

    16 - 18 June 2020

    Copenhage, Denmark

    CROSS NI will be exhibiting at Digital Transformation World at booth #220. If you are attending and would like to meet us then why not contact us to book a meeting?

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    This document explores how CROSS and PNI complement one another and, as a result, realize benefits from the integration of Business Operational Intelligence with Physical Network Inventory Excellence.

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