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28 August 2019

5 Tips for more effective OSS / BSS integration

The integration and alignment of Operational and Business Support Systems is a pressing topic for many in the telecommunications industry. The Operational Support Systems, or OSS, are the set of processes and systems that is responsible for the smooth delivery and maintenance of their networks an...
01 July 2019

Aligning Business and Operational support systems

Understand the challenges faced by lack of alignment between business and operational systems, learn how to solve them and discover how to enable greater agility in service delivery. Until relatively recently, there was often a clear separation between BSS and OSS platforms and systems. Each ful...
18 June 2019

What does network virtualization mean for inventory and asset management?

Historically, resources and services had been tied to hardware. If we needed to, for example, increase capacity for a specific service, we increased the footprint of the specific physical resources associated with it. This approach meant that networks typically required specialist, proprietary ha...
04 June 2019

CNI at Digital Transformation World – what did we learn?

Digital Transformation World or DTW, which evolved from the famous TM Forum, has long been the key meeting place of the OSS / BSS industry. The extended focus has sharpened debate and brought in more stakeholders – enabling more perspectives on end-user and partner requirements to be shared. As a...
01 May 2019

Solving OSS inefficiencies – meet CROSS NI at Digital Transformation World

Digital transformation projects have a number of goals. One is to reduce and eliminate inefficiencies in operators’ businesses, while another is to accelerate decision making and introduce more agile processes. Automation is key to this, as is the consolidation of resources to enable more efficie...
24 April 2019

CROSS at FTTH Amsterdam – what are key challenges for new fiber rollout?

It was exciting to visit the recent FTTH conference in Amsterdam, which saw lively debate and some excellent contributions from industry leaders, reflecting strong industry growth. Of course, delivering FTTH remains a key strategic objective for operators and regulators, but 5G is attracting huge...
09 April 2019

CROSS NI at ComTech Forum – the new 5G wireless ecosystem is taking shape

We had fun attending a recent meetup of the ComTech Forum last month. Held at Samsung America’s HQ in Mountain View, California, the event focused on wireless infrastructure and the changing landscape that will result from the rollout of 5G technologies. Topics ranged from beamforming, 5G archite...
20 March 2019

How does CROSS reduce OPEX by 20%? Find out with our on-demand demo.

We’ve just released the latest version of CROSS – V3.0, which brings a host of new features and capabilities to our solution. To show you these capabilities and how they impact live networks, we’ve created a new training video, which you can view, here.
12 March 2019

Under the spotlight – CROSS Network Intelligence debuts at ComTech Forum

Modern Wireless Infrastructure – 14th March, Mountain View, CA CROSS Network Intelligence is excited to announce our participation in the next edition of the ComTech Forum series of events. Hosted and organized by the Telecom Council of Silicon Valley, the next event focuses on Modern Wireless I...