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13 February 2020

Telecom asset and inventory management – what’s really in your network

Why accurate asset and inventory management is key to automation and transformation – and the success of 5G investments. Business results and performance depend on accurate, integrated inventory management.
04 February 2020

Tet selects consolidated inventory solution from CROSS Network Intelligence

CROSS provides a single source of truth for all assets, combined with business and operational process integration for automation and insights.
24 January 2020

Transforming inventory management for 5G

Effective, accurate network inventory management is crucial to the success of new 5G networks and transformation efforts. Find out why in our new briefing paper.
14 January 2020

What does data consolidation mean for telecoms inventory management?

Consolidation is a key process but one that can be misunderstood. Read our new briefing paper to learn why data consolidation is of fundamental importance to effective service delivery in telecoms networks – and how CROSS NI delivers.
12 December 2019

Is your network inventory truly integrated?

It’s becoming increasingly clear to many that network inventory integration is fundamental to the next phase of evolution for telecoms operators and network and service providers. Indeed, it’s fundamental to achieving key strategic objectives.
03 December 2019

OSS Automation – 3 simple steps to success

OSS automation has become an essential topic in the communications industry. That’s because the OSS – or operational support systems – are critical to the agile delivery of new services and the efficient management of deployed assets. Agility matters, but so too does cost reduction, so ensuring t...
06 November 2019

Air Ventures takes 15% stake in CROSS Network Intelligence

Fast-growing Czech OSS specialists benefit from increased investor focus to boost expansion and international presence. CROSS Network Intelligence is excited to announce that Air Ventures, a Czech-based investment and advisory boutique, has acquired a 15% equity stake in the company, joining exi...
29 October 2019

Integrating OSS and BSS – how joined up is your thinking?

As we race towards the 5G-enabled world, integrating OSS and BSS systems and processes has never been more important. Why has this become a pressing issue? Well, as McKinsey, a consulting firm, has pointed out, OSS and BSS are the “very systems needed to be able to market, sell, price, provision,...
22 October 2019

Unravelling the mysteries of telecoms resource inventory

Telecoms resource inventory management has become an increasingly important topic of late. That’s because telecoms operators are seeking to adopt a more agile orientation so that they can deliver services faster and become more proactive in their operations, all while streamlining and reducing ex...