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26 August 2020

Why network inventory is the foundation of the product catalog

An agile product catalog is fundamental to your telecoms business – but while it’s necessary, it’s not sufficient. An appropriate network inventory solution is also essential to provide the single source of data you need to support your business operations and sales activities.
23 July 2020

Data quality in telecoms network inventory management

Data quality has a huge impact on service performance and is fundamental to effective inventory management. But, maintaining effective data quality can be a challenge. Find out more and how to solve this problem with CROSS.
09 July 2020

How effective inventory management can help root cause analysis

Root cause analysis (RCA) is an important step towards defining problems and enabling their resolution. It’s important, because in complex systems or scenarios, there may be many things that could have gone wrong, but which really matter? In this blog, we’ll explore root cause analysis in the con...
17 June 2020

Accelerating fiber rollout with accurate OSS network inventory management

The market for fiber is growing rapidly, driven not just by rising consumer and business demands, but also by the complexity of connecting 5G cells and MEC resources. It’s a changed ecosystem, but one which presents massive opportunities – for those operators that are sufficiently agile to accele...
04 June 2020

How do APIs facilitate OSS process automation?

OSS automation is critically linked to API enablement. All OSS entities must be connected via APIs to unlock true process automation. Why? And, what does this mean for future networks?
26 May 2020

Zero-touch service provisioning in telecoms – the essential role of OSS inventory in unlocking automated operations

Zero touch provisioning is a key benefit that is expected to result from efforts to automate network processes. It will save time, resources and boost the bottom line. 
07 April 2020

How are you ensuring effective network capacity management to meet customer demand during the COVID-19 pandemic?

There is now unprecedented demand for network capacity. Accurate inventory management is critical for ensuring efficient investment and resource allocation, both for the current crisis and for the future.
01 April 2020

CROSS Network Intelligence partners with BearingPoint//Beyond to deliver cloud-native SaaS based BSS and OSS solution to BNET, Bahrain

The CROSS network inventory solution provides rich visibility of all resources, enabling rapid service rollout, activation and delivery for BNET’s national wholesale fiber and broadband network.
10 March 2020

Network inventory management – the cost of not knowing

Network inventory management is essential for the success of any telecoms operator, carrier or service provider. While it contributes directly to service rollout and success, effective network inventory management also helps protect margin and expenditure by helping operators to control costs. Th...