Tet selects consolidated inventory solution from CROSS Network Intelligence

04 February 2020

Tet selects consolidated inventory solution from CROSS Network Intelligence

CROSS provides a single source of truth for all assets, combined with business and operational process integration for automation and insights.

Tet, formerly known as Lattelecom, the leading provider of technology and entertainment services in Latvia, has selected CROSS, an innovative, agile network inventory solution to deliver a single source of truth regarding all assets, as well as the ability to interface with other business and operational systems.

With offers spanning internet, TV, IT, data centers and, since 2017, electricity services, and serving a mix of retail and business customers, Tet has a need to consolidate existing inventory solutions and obtain a foundation for future service optimization, delivery and process optimization.

The initiative seeks to address this by deploying a new solution that can replace legacy solutions while effectively automating customer demands and correlating these with the available resources and assets required to deliver services. The deployment of CROSS will simplify processes and generates efficiency savings, delivering new business insights and KPIs.

It is also expected that the project will enable the rationalization of network elements and redistribution of services, as well as the efficient introduction of new solutions from different suppliers.

“As an agile service provider and operator, Tet seeks to introduce zero-touch service provisioning, which requires true automation from service request to delivery,” said Jan Ulc, CEO of CROSS Network Intelligence. “Together with our team, Tet will be able to integrate the single inventory solution with all ordering processes, accelerating time to market and securing new business insights and KPIs to support continuous service optimization while reducing costs.”


About Tet

Technologies and entertainment – Tet LLC (former Lattelecom) fuses these two worlds into one modern company driving digital progress. Tet is one of the largest technology and entertainment company in the Baltics with two sides: tech side, broadband internet, safe data transfers and storage, as well as entertainment side, advancing television platforms, channels with original content, packing e-sports arenas while searching and testing everything we will be passionate about tomorrow.


About CROSS Network Intelligence

CROSS Network Intelligence provides an innovative solution, CROSS, that consolidates all legacy network inventory silos into a single database. It integrates all data, from physical location through physical, logical and virtual layers to service inventory, while continuously obtaining self-discovered data updates from the network.

This single source of truth about the network provides a reliable foundation for all current operational processes as well as automation and digital transformation to new technologies, such as IoT, 5G and SD-WAN. CROSS makes operational processes more efficient, reduces OPEX and improves customer experience.

CROSS Network Intelligence is continuing to experience strong growth, with interest from an increasingly diverse range of locations and customers. Backed by leading investors, such as Air Ventures and UP21, the team is poised for significant expansion in 2020.