What does data consolidation mean for telecoms inventory management?

14 January 2020

What does data consolidation mean for telecoms inventory management?

Consolidation is a key process but one that can be misunderstood. Read our new briefing paper to learn why data consolidation is of fundamental importance to effective service delivery in telecoms networks – and how CROSS NI delivers.

Consolidation is a key term that is widely used in the communications industry. That’s because many telecoms networks have grown incrementally or by mergers and acquisitions through time. The result is that most have multiple systems, often fulfilling broadly similar tasks and with key data scattered across the resource estate.

This duplicates information, makes data retrieval complicated and, ultimately, creates significant inefficiencies, increasing costs. This also often results in poor and unreliable data, so people simply stop using such systems.

This problem is particularly acute in the domain of telecoms network inventory. Telecoms networks consist of assets (inventory) that support service delivery. These span physical assets, logical resources, and, increasingly, virtual resources, as well as the services themselves. Understanding the available inventory assets is of fundamental importance for delivering services to customers.  

That’s because services depend on resources for their delivery. These need to be allocated, at the time of order, connected in the appropriate manner with the correct capacity, managed during the service lifecycle, and potentially recycled in due time if the service is no longer required. It’s often a complex chain, in which resources may be dedicated or shared.

So, in order to sell, operate and profit from such services effectively and efficiently, telecommunications operators and service providers must understand the inventory from which they can be assembled and delivered. Without ready access to this information, they cannot function correctly or efficiently.

In this briefing paper, we discuss the issue of data consolidation and consider what it means from the perspective of telecoms networks – and why a single, comprehensive view of all inventory, accessible to other systems is the foundation for enabling effective automation in service activation, delivery and management.