Digital Transformation North America – advancing automation for CSPs

04 October 2019

Digital Transformation North America – advancing automation for CSPs

What were the key concerns at TM Forum’s latest US event, which took place last month in Plano? Why is data quality so important? Find out by reading our summary.

In September, CROSS Network Intelligence was pleased to participate at the TM Forum Conference held in Plano Texas. The focus of the event was, as you might expect, Digital Transformation, with particular emphasis  on emerging technologies such 5G, IoT, AI, and Machine Learning, and their impact on the evolving business and operations models of CSPs.

Cross Digital Transf stand V2

Presentations from both CSPs and vendors provided participants with an inside view of how these emerging technologies will be aligned, deployed and leveraged in the service provider environment, together with the pain points that have been discovered in the transformation of legacy business models to meet the demands of these enhanced technologies. 

There’s been good progress to report. Some CSPs are well advanced in their deployments of virtualized infrastructure and cloud based operational models that will aid them in making that transition. But, there are some lessons. For example, while adoption of virtualized technology is now widespread, some CSPs have reported that performance parity with previous bare-metal solutions has been hard to achieve, slowing deployments. You can’t simply adopt IT cloud and virtual processes without adapting them for the specific concerns of the operator environment. You need to validate performance for existing services to secure the benefits and cost savings anticipated.

One of the most interesting focus areas concerned the role of AI in enabling intelligent automation and predictions for proactive management.  It’s expected that AI, backed by Machine Learning will provide the capabilities to improve overall operational efficiency, network reliability and service performance, helping CSPs to streamline performance and to allocate their resources to business growth activities. Of course, it’s also expected that such technologies will result in improved customer satisfaction. 

At CROSS Network Intelligence, we believe that data accuracy is critical to improving operational efficiencies. AI, backed by intelligent data collection and efficient management of network assets (inventory) and services will be key to the successful Digital Transformation for Service Providers and their customers. In short, you can’t hope to secure the benefits if you do not have accurate data to base automated and proactive operational processes. So, while new technologies are mandatory, a necessary first step is the consolidation and cleansing of data.

That’s our focus – so, if you are embarking on transformation and wish to secure the benefits, why not talk to us and let’s explore how we can help you make the fundamental first step of consolidating data from disparate sources, so you can ease your transformation journey.