Aligning Business and Operational support systems

01 July 2019

Aligning Business and Operational support systems

Understand the challenges faced by lack of alignment between business and operational systems, learn how to solve them and discover how to enable greater agility in service delivery.

Until relatively recently, there was often a clear separation between BSS and OSS platforms and systems. Each fulfilled its function and each was managed by different teams. Today, however, the need for telecoms operators and carriers to deliver services faster and with greater agility has shown that there needs to be much closer alignment between operational and business processes. Put simply, customers expect that orders can be activated with the minimum possible time delay.

As such, companies that deliver faster can secure competitive advantage – winning and retaining more customers and providing better service. Telecoms operators and carriers need to urgently ensure that their Business and Operational support systems are aligned, so that they can achieve the flexibility they need to support new requirements, offers and orders.

Failure to address this key problem raises significant challenges and exposes gaps in capabilities that will limit flexibility. For example, any given service will require the support of a number of resources. Each must be identified, reserved and then activated, at the appropriate time.

Unfortunately, many operators find it difficult to determine which network resources (such as trenches, conduits, routers, splitters, and so on) are required for a specific service. Further, they may not be able to quickly and easily identify which logical and virtual resources are also required, for the physical resources to deliver the service in question.

Not only does this failure to clearly map all resources from an operational perspective limit agility, it means that other processes, such as troubleshooting, can be time consuming and costly. As telecoms operators and carriers strive to transform their operations and to boost agility, the lack of a consolidated, comprehensive view of network inventory has become a significant barrier to success.

Fortunately, there is a solution. CROSS NI offers a unique, innovative approach to network inventory that offers deep alignment with business process systems, through integration with Enxoo, which provides an end-to-end framework for automated service fulfilment and delivery, based on Salesforce.

Tailored for the needs of telecoms operators and carriers, and optimized for services that depend on multiple technologies and disparate network resources, the solution provides:

  • A single platform for order and network management
  • Accelerated and enhanced service provisioning and delivery by unifying business and technical frameworks
  • Streamlined service assurance
  • Simplified reporting and transparent insights into data

Why not read our new white paper, which explores key challenges and outlines a comprehensive, next-generation solution designed to provide telecoms operators and carriers with the agility they need in today’s markets?

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