Solving OSS inefficiencies – meet CROSS NI at Digital Transformation World

01 May 2019

Solving OSS inefficiencies – meet CROSS NI at Digital Transformation World

Digital transformation projects have a number of goals. One is to reduce and eliminate inefficiencies in operators’ businesses, while another is to accelerate decision making and introduce more agile processes. Automation is key to this, as is the consolidation of resources to enable more efficient data processing, retrieval and updates.

However, many operators face obstacles that impede their transformation efforts. One critical barrier is the inefficiency of current OSS processes, largely due to the persistence of incomplete, siloed network inventory systems. This creates significant problems, because physical assets need to be correlated with virtual and logical resources for the smooth delivery of communications services and effective service assurance.

This means that the nature and location of these assets need to be clearly understood and mapped, so that they can be identified and allocated to a specific logical or virtual resource. In other words, operators must understand all dimensions of their physical, virtual, logical and service inventory in order to allocate and manage them effectively and to correlate and coordinate their service inventory.

However, most operators lack the single, consolidated inventory of physical, virtual, logical and service resources they need – which will seriously undermine their transformation projects and likely prevent them from realizing their goals.

Fortunately, there is a solution. CROSS is an innovative platform that enables the consolidation and integration of the complete network inventory, spanning all physical, virtual, logical and service resources. It offers a unified view of the asset and resource base, providing the essential single source of truth about your networks.

Another aspect of transformation is the task of cleaning data. Again, most operators with disparate inventory siloes have incomplete or imperfect data, which seriously impedes transformation projects. However, CROSS solves this problem by allowing operators to work with their existing data set and to process it immediately through a unique data quality tagging function. This enables operators to import existing data, assess its quality due to clear parameters and then to work iteratively, through time, to enhance the data.

This feature can have a dramatic impact on transformation projects, accelerating completion and delivering immediate ROI, not months or even years in the future. Digital transformation should not be a big-bang project, but rather the outcome of a range of initiatives from which benefits can be secured as quickly as possible. Transformation can take place as a result of daily activities, not as a long-term goal. CROSS helps you to achieve this, faster.

So, if you are struggling to consolidate your data and to ensure clear correlation and visibility of assets for service delivery and assurance, then you should meet CROSS NI. Our team will be at Digital Transformation World in Nice this year – why not book a meeting and see how we can help consolidate your OSS inventory, ensure connectivity with BSS processes and accelerate your transformation programs?

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