Putting the user experience first with EVO GUI

19 December 2022

Putting the user experience first with EVO GUI

While impactive updates to CROSS throughout the year are not uncommon, our latest release of EVO GUI marks an important milestone in the solution’s evolution. The revamped interface, included in CROSS 4.0 and subsequent versions, emphasizes the user experience by providing richer functionality and faster, enhanced navigation throughout the solution.

CROSS screenshot laptop 3

The following is a snapshot of some of the key features and improvements included in EVO GUI:

  • Tabular modules – all modules are displayed as tabs, which can be opened in a new browser tab or window.
  • Navigator pane – improves access to saved searches and provides a new work lists pane that displays search results as tabs.
  • Improved search and filtering – the Search module was replaced with exact search and is integrated into the new Navigator pane. The primary google-like search bar also allows any object type to be searched for from any view or module.
  • Default work list configuration – users can configure and save default work lists that display upon logging in.

EVO GUI reflects our commitment to listening to our customers and ensuring CROSS and its usability align with our end users' needs and expectations. This commitment also includes using best-in-class development principles, such as Continuous Integration/Delivery (CI/CD), to ensure our products are built with quality, reliability, and security at their core.

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