Integrate Smallworld with CROSS to boost automation, secure new insights and to drive performance gains

25 May 2021

Integrate Smallworld with CROSS to boost automation, secure new insights and to drive performance gains

CROSS extends Smallworld to enable correlation of physical network data with logical and service layers, providing a unified inventory record to boost automation. Fully synchronized and aligned with Smallworld, CROSS helps operators reduce costs, drive new levels of efficiency and rollout networks and services faster.

GIS data can be complemented and correlated with other crucial information

Smallworld is the world’s leading solution for inventory planning, documentation and the maintenance of networks. It provides a complete, GIS-based spatial view of all network assets and resources, enhancing network design and planning, as well as operations and maintenance.

Today, while it is essential to know where things are – to understand accurate, physical locations, we also need to consider other data points too. Operators are investing in network transformation, upgrades and extensions, while trying to automate processes and operations. Such automation is necessary to reduce time to market, drive efficiency, reduce costs and to deliver better customer experiences. To achieve this, data from different sources needs to be correlated.

The problem is that the data required to enable automation of complex, lengthy workflows has historically been scattered in different data silos. As a result, automation efforts are hindered because different systems cannot easily obtain the data they need to complete workflows or to trigger necessary actions and reports.

Given the cost of network rollout and operations – say, for example, to deliver more fiber connectivity, or to increase cellular coverage for 5G – this has become a considerable drain on budgets.

Integrate with CROSS to obtain a single source of truth

What’s needed is truly integrated inventory that correlates the necessary physical information with data regarding logical, virtual, and service inventory. That’s what the combination of CROSS and Smallworld delivers.

CROSS is a next generation, operational inventory solution that provides a single model of the network and high-performance support for key processes, such as Service Impact Analysis, Root Cause Analysis, and Resource/Service Availability Checks.

Seamless integration between CROSS and Smallworld ensures that inventory data is available to support other key operational, financial, and business activities, such as:

  • Network creation
  • B2B connection (service provisioning where physical build is required)
  • Service impact analysis and root cause analysis
  • Service feasibility and fulfillment
  • Service availability checks
  • Reporting from the entire network

So, if you are trying to drive efficiency and build out networks and services faster, CROSS is a simple addition to an existing (or new) Smallworld deployment, that adds a new level of insight and delivers the integration you need for effective automation.

The combination of the market-leading GIS capabilities of Smallworld and the unique single source of inventory data enabled by CROSS, increases efficiency to reduce OPEX and time to market, while providing deep integration with BSS and business-critical processes. Why not see how CROSS can complement and enhance your investments in Smallworld?