Why it’s time for a new generation of cloud-powered Operational Support: CROSS NI’s Peter Kern takes a look into his fibre crystal ball

17 March 2021

Why it’s time for a new generation of cloud-powered Operational Support: CROSS NI’s Peter Kern takes a look into his fibre crystal ball

As we settle into 2021, we need to acknowledge the terrible human cost of months and months of Pandemic. If you have been personally touched by the global health crisis, I can only extend my and CNI’s genuine sympathy and condolences. What a terrible year 2020 was for so many of us, personally.

It’s also been a very tough year for the global economy. New estimates by Oxfam put the global cost of the COVID crisis at an eye-watering $11.7 trillion; governments and companies borrowed $15 trillion in the first nine months of 2020 to cope; in the UK alone, at least 1.69 million people have been thrown out of work, and for both the UK and the EU we have the unknown economic impact of a new post-membership relationship.

Tough numbers and tough times. But we have to look ahead with optimism. Incredibly rapid scientific achievement means 2021 has brought us a battery of vaccines--a resource that will hopefully alleviate a potentially still-challenging Q1 and Q2, especially with winter in the Northern Hemisphere. But there is, undeniably, a move to Recovery. Some estimates suggest vaccination will bring the US economy back to normal around the end of 2021, and China’s not just open for business again, it’s back in growth mode.

In parallel, analysts have been warning business for months that we won’t be going back to where we were, but to a ‘New Normal.’ Many sectors of the economy have been changed forever by a pivot to digital; some sectors of the economy may not come back at all, or in very different forms. For certain, there’s going to be a lot of Working From Home for good--some people will just never go back to offices 5 x days a week; online education and consumption of entertainment at home off the Web is here for good (and may even kill off the cinema industry).

Finally… there’s that 5G thing. And that IoT thing. And all the other amazing advances in mobile and connectivity that are starting to change not just the world of mobile, but that of business itself. And once you put the global post-COVID Recovery together with that, pent-up demand for more and more broadband, fixed wireless and fibre is going to explode.

Operators are fed up with monolithic, inflexible ‘Support’ systems

Key to leveraging all this is your ability to satisfy demand. The last thing you want dragging you back is legacy OSS. The next-generation OSS and BSS market is forecast to see vigorous expansion by 2026, and it’s not hard to see why; brands are fed up of monolithic, inflexible ‘Support’ systems that don’t talk to their other systems properly or which tie them down to inflexible commercial relationships with a handful of overly-dominant suppliers.

Operators don’t want that anymore. They want better, more agile OSS, because they know this other stuff isn’t fit for purpose anymore. Take a recent project we conducted with Enxoo to help independent Warsaw-headquartered fibre provider Nexera, and which I am honored to say won a key category in October’s Global Carrier Awards 2020, Best OSS/BSS Deployment. Here, CROSS’s new approach to OSS has been a key factor in a new phase of business agility at the company, which can now offer retail and wholesale fibre services with unprecedented efficiency.

For example, when an order is placed, it gets straight into the company’s CRM so resource availability, location and other key variables such as capacity get checked right away. The results are then used to tee-up the correct resources, initiate work orders and so on--granting the client genuine transformation of the way it’s helping customers (we blogged about this recent customer success story a couple of weeks ago, here).

We’ve just put together a handy list, actually, of all the reasons the slow but steady rush to recovery means now’s the perfect time to look at upgrading this key part of your infrastructure--Why its time for a new generation of cloud-powered Operational Support, which you can download by just clicking here.

I hope you do, as I think it will provide you with some genuine inspiration and perspective, and if it does spark some interest I’d love to start a conversation with you about if we can help you transform your OSS in 2021.

As Director of International Business Development, Peter has responsibility for CNI’s commercial activities and is leading international growth and expansion