CNI delivers inventory solution for award-winning OSS/BSS transformation with Nexera and Enxoo

15 December 2020

CNI delivers inventory solution for award-winning OSS/BSS transformation with Nexera and Enxoo

Nexera scoops Global Carrier Awards 2020 for “Best OSS/BSS Deployment” with a single source of truth for network inventory from CROSS.

OSS/BSS transformation projects are crucial to unlocking new levels of agility. The value of such activities is increasingly recognized as a key step towards a more profitable, efficient future. So, it’s exciting to announce that a recent deployment we made with partners Enxoo in Polish independent fiber provider Nexera has won a key category at the Global Carrier Awards 2020 – “Best OSS/BSS Deployment”.

The solution enabled Nexera to offer retail and wholesale fiber services with unprecedented efficiency, supporting a lean team and agile operations. The BSS – which provides customer-facing systems and order processing – is connected directly to the OSS, enabling closed-loop processes and zero-touch automation from order to fulfilment and on to smooth operations. CNI provided our CROSS solution for inventory management which, in turn, offers a single source of truth for all resource and asset data, available to any system in the OSS and BSS estate.

For example, when an order is placed, it is entered into the CRM and resource availability, location and other key variables such as capacity are checked in CROSS. The resulting data is used to request the resources, trigger work orders and so on, enabling agile service delivery – at scale – for Nexera with closed-loop automation, a key goal for such transformation projects.

You can learn more by downloading our solution brief.

The renowned award shows how the industry recognizes the innovation behind this OSS / BSS transformation project and the new benchmarks it creates. It’s a clear template for the industry, showing how OSS and BSS integration is essential for full automation and efficient service delivery. CROSS provides the unified data source that connects the different domains and is accessible to all relevant business processes.

While the tributes justifiably go to Nexera and Enxoo, CNI is proud to have been a key contributor to this innovative project, which clearly highlights the value of effective OSS and BSS integration – and the essential role of a modern network inventory management solution that delivers the single source of truth required for today’s networks.