CROSS goes live in Bahrain – another successful project delivered

24 November 2020

CROSS goes live in Bahrain – another successful project delivered

BNET launches national wholesale fiber network to boost high-speed connectivity and prepare for network evolution.

The new national wholesale fiber and broadband provider in Bahrain, BNET, has now launched service, helping to accelerate the deployment and adoption of high-speed connectivity for business and consumer customers. The launch is important because it provides a strategic national asset that can also be used to support network evolution. It marks a milestone as part of a greater initiative to separate BNET’s information systems technologies from Batelco’s and become a dedicated national wholesale provider for high-speed connectivity.

To enable effective and efficient operations, a new OSS and BSS has been supplied by BearingPoint//Beyond, a rapidly growing digital platform solution provider, via its cloud-native Infonova BSS. As part of this migration to a cloud-native infrastructure, CROSS, a consolidated solution for network inventory management has also been deployed.

CROSS is an integral element of the OSS and BSS infrastructure, providing a complete picture of all inventory assets – crucial as BNET extends its footprint, grows its customer base, and onboards new partners.

A significant part of the delivery program was the migration of data from legacy platforms to the new, consolidated CROSS solution. There were multiple sources of data that, prior to the commencement of the project, had been distributed among a number of different systems.

However, in order to maximize the return on investment in the new OSS and BSS platform, this data needed to be extracted and imported to CROSS, so that legacy siloes could be retired and the expected cost reductions secured.

With service launch, CROSS now provides the consolidated view of all network, service, physical and logical data, backed by accurate location information, that will allow BNET to meet its business development targets with agility and flexibility. Moreover, because the data is now available to other systems in the OSS and BSS infrastructure, it can be accessed by relevant business and commercial processes, as well as operational assurance solutions.

The establishment of a national wholesale network represents a clear commitment to the evolution of the connectivity landscape in Bahrain. The effectiveness of the network and the associated investments will be seen in the growing reach of fiber.

Underpinning that success is the OSS and BSS solution that will enable both rapid rollout and monetization of the new assets – and deliver the agility to scale effectively to meet the needs of all stakeholders.