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12 May 2021

Integrating CROSS with your CRM and customer provisioning systems: Who has what and where?

Automation is key to reducing costs, enhancing efficiency and eliminating siloed, serial processes. It will take a long time, but the key is identifying building blocks – and one key building block is at the heart of both network and service automation. Let’s focus on customer service handling.
28 April 2021

eTOM to CROSS integration? Aligning CROSS with TM Forum standards

eTOM has been around a while, but interoperability has never been more important to support new network and operational automation, and agile service delivery.
08 April 2021

Accurate correlation with resources is fundamental to next-generation closed-loop automation in telecoms networks

Closed-loop automation is key to driving new levels of operational performance and efficiency – and delivering better customer experiences. But, it’s dependent on access to accurate sources of information.
17 March 2021

Why it’s time for a new generation of cloud-powered Operational Support: CROSS NI’s Peter Kern takes a look into his fibre crystal ball

As we settle into 2021, we need to acknowledge the terrible human cost of months and months of Pandemic. If you have been personally touched by the global health crisis, I can only extend my and CNI’s genuine sympathy and condolences. What a terrible year 2020 was for so many of us, personally.
02 March 2021

Ensuring effective revenue assurance with an efficient inventory management solution

Protecting revenue is fundamental to ensuring the success of any telecoms business. This need has given rise to the discipline and practice of “revenue assurance”. With growing network complexity, what do operators need to ensure effective revenue assurance and to align with industry best-practic...
17 February 2021

CROSS Network Intelligence secures new investment from J&T Thein fund, boosting growth plans

CROSS Network Intelligence (CNI) is excited to announce that it has secured additional investment from the J&T Thein fund. The fund, which is led by Tomáš Budník and J&T Private Equity Group, is focused on innovative companies in the communications and IT sectors, and has made a number of...
10 February 2021

The growing importance of data management in OSS

Data consolidation and management are now fundamental to supporting transformation to more automated and efficient operations. Find out why this matters and how to benefit from a consolidated approach.
26 January 2021

GE Digital to become partner and CROSS reseller

We are pleased to announce that CROSS Network Intelligence and GE Digital have entered into a strategic partnership.  
06 January 2021

Why a single version of the truth is the foundation of telco automation programmes

The adoption of automation in telecoms networks is well underway and is expected to deliver significant benefits – for performance, for service delivery and experience, and more. Analysts have defined key capabilities required to support this evolution – and obtaining a single version of the trut...