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02 August 2021

Correlating physical and logical telecoms network inventory (and why it matters)

The effective correlation of physical inventory assets with logical resources is essential for the smooth operation of telecoms networks and for seamless service provisioning. With a vast new range of dynamic and differentiated services in sight, it’s even more important than ever to ensure that ...
13 July 2021

Telecoms Inventory Management – evolving for 5G vertical services

New services for vertical players are rapidly approaching, enabled by full 5G standalone networks. For operators to deliver to new industry partners, they need to be sure that, not only can a service work, but also that it can be commercialized. For that, OSS and BSS evolution is required – with ...
22 June 2021

OSS automation for effective end-to-end workflows

OSS automation is key to delivering both better customer experiences and for optimizing network performance for all sectors and stakeholders served. It is also the foundation of effective workflows – and, as a paper by McKinsey & Co notes, it should now be considered a key strategic goal for ...
08 June 2021

Why is OSS data consolidation so important for enhancing service performance?

OSS data consolidation is required to deliver a complete, holistic view of network assets, their performance and the ways in which they relate to one another. In turn, this view provides the basis for both efficient operations and effective planning that considers all affected elements, as well a...
25 May 2021

Integrate Smallworld with CROSS to boost automation, secure new insights and to drive performance gains

CROSS extends Smallworld to enable correlation of physical network data with logical and service layers, providing a unified inventory record to boost automation. Fully synchronized and aligned with Smallworld, CROSS helps operators reduce costs, drive new levels of efficiency and rollout network...
12 May 2021

Integrating CROSS with your CRM and customer provisioning systems: Who has what and where?

Automation is key to reducing costs, enhancing efficiency and eliminating siloed, serial processes. It will take a long time, but the key is identifying building blocks – and one key building block is at the heart of both network and service automation. Let’s focus on customer service handling.
28 April 2021

eTOM to CROSS integration? Aligning CROSS with TM Forum standards

eTOM has been around a while, but interoperability has never been more important to support new network and operational automation, and agile service delivery.
08 April 2021

Accurate correlation with resources is fundamental to next-generation closed-loop automation in telecoms networks

Closed-loop automation is key to driving new levels of operational performance and efficiency – and delivering better customer experiences. But, it’s dependent on access to accurate sources of information.
17 March 2021

Why it’s time for a new generation of cloud-powered Operational Support: CROSS NI’s Peter Kern takes a look into his fibre crystal ball

As we settle into 2021, we need to acknowledge the terrible human cost of months and months of Pandemic. If you have been personally touched by the global health crisis, I can only extend my and CNI’s genuine sympathy and condolences. What a terrible year 2020 was for so many of us, personally.